KeynoteFrank Soriano is a keynote speaker and consultant who challenges teams to think about their thinking, so they can modify their behavior to achieve better business outcomes, by enhancing their relationships and engaging in effective conversations.

Frank’s keynotes not only deliver valuable leadership information, but also provide the context for the information, making his presentations all the more meaningful for his audiences. He weaves into each of his presentations his own realizations, based not only on his corporate history, but also on personal and family experiences.

Frank’s keynote content, while extremely helpful from an organizational perspective, is also useful to participants in their day- to-day lives, even when dealing with aging parents, children, partners, colleagues and friends.

Frank is the creator/designer of The Business Relationship Model – a model that outlines the critical factors addressing the issues of the “soft skills” that are necessary for establishing and improving business relationships.

Along with his intriguing perspectives on leadership and systems thinking, Frank folds humour and personal stories into each of his keynotes to make his presentations all the more thought-provoking, poignant, meaningful and applicable.


The term “collaboration” is used frequently in today’s organizational setting, and with good reason. There is so much information available to us, that no one person has all the answers to any one problem anymore. Although every problem does not require a collaborative approach, many problems do, bringing together a host of people with different… Read more »


Pick up any business literature these days and you will likely see reference to leaders and/or leadership. There is no doubt in today’s complex society and organizations the role of leader is critically important. Organizations, very often, reflect the thinking of what a particular leader demonstrates as being important. Therefore, it is incumbent on every… Read more »

Systems thinking

Many individuals have heard about critical thinking, strategic thinking, lateral thinking and a number of other terms associated with thinking. However, very few have heard or been exposed to the idea of systems thinking, which is a relatively new term and concept. The idea of systems thinking is based on the premise that complex problems… Read more »


Individuals often take relationships for granted. Simply working as part of a team in an organizational setting is no guarantee that business relationships are working or that they even exist. Conscious thought and effort is required in today’s society to ensure that workplace relationships work. So what does it take to build, maintain and enhance… Read more »