Frank Soriano on management and leadership

Frank Soriano interviewed on management and leadership.

Frank Soriano, Face To Face with David Peck

In this weeks podcast we talk to a leadership expert and consultant who has plenty to say. Frank talks about the dark side of management, why there is no silver bullet, “other” awareness, how what we believe is indeed connected to what and how we think.


Frank Soriano is a seasoned Toronto-based keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and leadership development consultant. Holding a Combined Honors. B.A. from York University, Frank’s early professional days as a rehabilitation counselor well informed his middle and senior years in progressive leadership and management positions within the health, wellness and safety-focused areas of the Ontario Public Sector. Frank spent the last ten years of his organizational life working as an Internal Consultant focusing on leadership development, the delivery of Human Resource products and designing/developing customized interventions for work teams.

Licensed in a number of leadership assessment tools, passionate and highly learned regarding the value and importance of leadership, enhancing relationships and systems thinking, and with 30 years of experience to offer, Frank delivers content-rich, thought-provoking presentations.

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